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Marissa’s dissertation centers around the perceptions of digitally mediated soundscapes and its impact on conservation measures. Her national and international presentations were on feminism, communications, and publics in TV/film and Twitter.


Her past research focused on queer geographies and politics some of which is in Queerying Planning: Challenging Heteronormative Assumptions and Reframing Planning Practice (Dr. P. Doan, ed.) and reported in NGLTF’s Same-sex Couple Households in the United States: A Report from the 2000 Census.

Marissa earned her B.S. degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and M.S.P. in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University. Her planning degree focused on transportation with graduate research experience in GIS and applications. More about Marissa’s experience and research interests can be found here.

Curriculum Vite (summary) 
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Her current research interests include digital culture, digital literacy, AR/VR and educational tools. 


University of Central Florida

Texts and Technology program specializing in Digital Humanities & Digital Media.


Research contributor

Dr. Joel Schneier, Co-P.I., Dr. Michelle Taub, P.I. and Dr. Angela Rounsaville, Co-P.I. Metacognition, Emotion, and Writing: to investigate metacognitive awareness and strategies of self-regulation during writing. (IRB Approved)


Editorial review board member

Public Voices, American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) publication. Public Voices is a unique journal that focuses on historical, artistic, and reflective expression concerning public administrators and the public service.

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